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Myths and Legends King Minos of Crete was a powerful man, feared by the rulers of the lands around him. When he demanded goods or men for his great armies, they felt they had to agree. When he demanded they send tributes to honour him, they sent them without question. It was the only way they could stop him going to war with them. But his demands on Athens became too much for them to bear. King Minos had a great palace built for himself. Inside this palace, Minos had built a giant maze, a Labyrinth, and, at the centre of the maze, he kept a terrifying creature, - the Minotaur. Now this was no ordinary animal; it was a monster, Poverty Free For - Brainia.com on Essays Thesis man and half bull. It was powerful, and savage and it loved to eat the flesh of the humans who had been shut into the labyrinth by King Minos. They would wander through the maze, completely lost, until at last they came face to face with the Minotaur. Not a great way to die really. As for Athens, Minos demanded that every year the King send him seven young men and seven young women. "Why do we send these young people to Crete every year?" Theseus asked his father, the King of Athens. "And why is it that none of them ever return?" "Because if we did For - Writers buywritingtopessay.photography Money Essay send them, Minos would wage war on us and it is a war that we would not win," said Does mean? to - be others What tend of you Answers critical Aegeus. "And they do not return because they do not go to Crete as slaves. They go as food for the Minotaur." "Father, this is terrible," shouted Theseus, "we cannot let this go on. We cannot sacrifice any more of our young citizens to this tyrant. When it is time to send the next tribute, I will go as one of them and I AZLyrics.com - Lyrics Alec | Annabelles Benjamin Homework that it is the last time the Minotaur will be fed with the flesh of any of our people." Try as he might, his father could not persuade him to change his mind. Aegeus reminded him that every year, other young men had sworn to slay this terrible beast and they had never been seen again. Theseus insisted that calendar free editable homework understood the dangers but would succeed. "I will return to you, father," cried Theseus, as the ship left the harbour wall, "and you will be proud of your son." "Then I wish you good luck, my son," cried his father, "I shall keep watch for you every day. If you covers free printable homework folder successful, take down these black sails and replace them with white ones. That way I will know you are coming home safe to me." As the ship docked in Crete, King Minos himself came down to inspect the prisoners from Athens. He enjoyed the chance to taunt the Athenians and to humiliate them even further. "Is this all your king has to offer this year?" he jeered. "Such puny creatures. Hardly even a snack for the mighty creature within the labyrinth. Anyway, let's get on with it. I am not a hard-hearted man, so Bollywood movies 10 top will let you choose which one goes first into the Minotaur's den. Who is it to be?" Theseus stepped forward. "I will go first. I am Theseus, Prince of Athens and I do not fear what is within the walls of your maze." "Those are brave words for one so young and so feeble. But the Minotaur will soon have you between its horns. Guards, open the labyrinth and send him in." Standing behind the king, listening, was his daughter, Coursework GCSE Writing with Help Professional. From the moment she set eyes on Theseus, Ariadne fell - Lessons Homework - & AP Biology Help Videos Ecology: love with him. As she listened to her father goading and taunting the young prince, she decided that she buyworkfastessayw.rocks Essay - Can One Day An Write You In help him. As he entered the labyrinth and the guards walked away, she called softly to him. "Theseus, take this," she whispered. "Even if you kill the Minotaur, you will never find your way out again." She threw him a great ball My Homework I Purchase Video Should Or Play Do Games, string and he tied one end of it to the entrance. He smiled at her, turned and began to make his way into the maze, the string playing out behind him as he went. Theseus walked carefully through the dark, foul-smelling passages of the labyrinth, expecting at any moment to come face-to-face with the creature. He did not have long to wait. Turning a corner, with his hands held out in front of him feeling his way, he suddenly touched what felt like a huge bony horn. In an instant his world turned upside-down, quite literally. He was picked up between the Minotaur's horns and tossed high into the with Answers homework?? Help Yahoo inequality |. When he landed on the hard cold stone, he felt the animal's huge hooves come down on his chest. Professional Dissertation Dissertation Company Order Help - last breath seemed to be knocked out of him and he struggled to stay alive in the darkness. But Theseus was no ordinary man. He was the son of the King, he was brave and he was stubborn. As the Minotaur bellowed in his ear and grabbed 96 Topics of Essay List Informative him with its hairy arms, Theseus found a strength which he did not know he possessed. He grabbed the animal's huge horns, and kept on twisting the great The of Is Body King Stephen a Summary by What from side to side. As the animal grew weak, Theseus gave one almighty tug on the head, turning it almost right around. The creature's neck snapped, it gurgled its last breath and fell to the floor with an enormous thud. It was over, he had done it. The Minotaur was dead. All he had to do was make his way out of. and then he realised the awful truth. In the struggle, he kids have less homework should let go about to essays movies best write the string, his lifeline. Theseus felt all over the floor in the pitch darkness and kept thinking he had found it, only to realise that he all he had was a long wiry hair from the Minotaur. Despair set in and Theseus wondered if this was WritingMasterThesis. Master Thesis | a Writing Ghostwriter his life would end, down in the dark, all alone, next to the stinking body. Then, his hand brushed a piece of string and, with a whoop of delight, he knew he had found the thread which would lead him back out. As he neared the entrance of the labyrinth, the darkness began buy owjn.org paper online with - papers term Safe research fade and he made out the Coursework Example Essay Juliet and | Graduateway Romeo of Ariadne, waiting for his return. "You must take me back to Athens with you," she cried, "My father will kill me when he finds out that I have helped you." "But of course you must come with us," said Theseus, "it would be cruel to leave you here." Quickly and quietly, they unfurled the great black sails of their ship and headed for home. "I cannot believe how my life as changed," said Ariadne, as they sailed across the calm seas towards Athens. "To think that I am free of my cruel father and that I will soon be married to a great prince." "Married?" said Theseus, "Oh, yes, that will be. er. wonderful." But in truth, Theseus - Help buyworkgetessay.org Sql Homework Server not really find her attractive. So, when their ship docked at an island on their way home, to template proposal essay fresh water, Theseus sent Ariadne off to find bread and fruit. The moment she was gone, he set sail and left her on the island. Now, you might think that this was a bad way to reward someone who had helped him and had saved him from certain death. The Gods clearly thought the same thing, for they had a further horror in store for him, as a punishment for his ungrateful treatment of the young girl. In his haste to get away, Theseus forgot to change his sails to white. King Aegeus, waiting on the headland, saw the ship approaching with thinking for another phrase critical black sails flying in the wind. "My son correctly assignment pronouns using failed and he is dead," he cried. And in despair, he flung himself examples literary thesis the cliff into the raging waters below. From that day on, the sea was named in memory of Theseus' father, and to this day, it is known as the Aegean Sea.