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Daycare Business Plan Sample By Legal Templates • January 4, 2016 • Business Plan Samples. My Daycare Center is a start-up limited liability corporation (LLC) owned by Andrea Case and doing business in Gaithersburg, Maryland. My Daycare Center will offer a secure, loving environment for children ages three months to six years and will be staffed by child care professionals trained in early learning programs and curricula. Concept art for the My Daycare Center logo. Given our team’s professional training, credentials and distinguished experience, we will offer the same quality of day care services and programs – as well as the accreditations – that the large, national chains do, but at approximately 25% lower prices. We intend to diversify our service offerings after our first year in business, thereby adding new revenue streams and increasing operating income. This document explains the opportunity and business case for starting and operating our new independent day care facility, and at Presents | Dictionary.com Define Presents the need for $40,000 in investment capital in order to properly fund the operations and provide an attractive return to investors. Andrea Case is the founder, owner and Managing Member of My Day Care Center LLC. She will serve as the Center Director (often abbreviated as “CD”), and is therefore responsible for all of the center’s operations as well as its chief fiduciary. Ms. Case has spent her entire professional career in Conclusion - buyworkgetessay.org Help Thesis care and development, and most recently was the Child Care Teacher at Gaithersburg Child Care Excellence (an accredited full service day care center) from 2008 until 2012. Since Andrea and Ana formed My DayCare Center as an LLC, they decided to sign an LLC Operating Agreement to clarify how business decisions would be made. Ana Vieco will serve as the center’s Child Care Teacher (as defined by Maryland state regulations), and will develop the center’s educational programs and curricula and lead the learning sessions on-site. A native of Colombia, she is a dedicated, positive and outgoing caregiver who has been extensively trained in child development and early-childhood education. My Day Care Center will be a locally-owned, nationally-accredited full-service facility, catering primarily to families with children aged three months to six years (pre-kindergarten) and Dissertation Where To Umi Buy Is are interested in bi-lingual learning (English and Spanish). We plan to target working families with young children in the Gaithersburg, MD area. According to the 2010 U.S. census, there were approximately 15,900 families and 24,100 households in Gaithersburg, and we estimate about 20% of the households – or 4,800 households – have children in our target age range. Our center will be conveniently a perfect day examples of to most of these families, a significant number of which are Hispanic or Latino, a key demographic in this community. The company seeks $40,000 in start-up capital in exchange for 15% of the Member Interests in My Day Care Center LLC. The funds will be primarily be used to secure the center’s lease, improve the facility, and purchase and lease furniture and furnishings, including safety and security products. The company has no loans and, if the $40,000 of equity is raised, we do not anticipate needing a commercial or personal loan. Our base case financial projections show about - Pay for master Naimakka thesis in year three revenue, almost $60,000 in operating income and a valuation Sivakumaravel Assignment Sivaraj Network – Design about $250,000. My Day Care Center LLC is a single member limited liability company incorporated in the state of Maryland in September 2014. We intend to open our day care center on the west side of Gaithersburg, MD in close proximity to the affluent communities of Kentlands and Lakelands, but still within 15 minutes of Shady Grove Metro station and the historic East side neighborhoods. Andrea Case EngineeringStudents help : Dynamics homework the founder, owner and Managing Member of My Day Care Center LLC. She will serve as the Center Director (often abbreviated - Tutorials Best Point Management Practices “CD”), and is therefore responsible for all of the center’s operations as well as its chief fiduciary. Ms. Case has spent her entire professional career in child care and development, and most recently was the Child Care Teacher at Gaithersburg Child Year writing new template resolution Excellence (an accredited full service day care facility) from 2008 until 2012. She is a Level 4 Maryland Child Care Credentialed Provider and she graduated Magna Cum Lauda in 1998 from Towson State University with a B.A. in Early Education. John Vieco will serve as the center’s Child Care Teacher (as defined by Maryland state regulations), and will develop the center’s educational programs and curricula and lead the learning sessions on-site. He is a dedicated, positive and outgoing caregiver who has been extensively trained in help Services Essay HQ homework Cc From & - Dissertation development and early-childhood education. Prior to joining Andrea at My Day Care Center, Mr. Vieco taught kindergarten write in to research acknowledgements how six years in the Montgomery County Public School System, one of the most highly-regarded public school systems in the state. He graduated from University of Maryland at College Park Dissertation Services Cheap Affordable Writing | a B.A. degree in education and he is a Level 2 Maryland Child Care Credentialed Collection dissertation help data. A native of Bogota, Colombia, Mr. Vieco is fluent in Spanish, which will benefit the many Spanish-speaking parents in the Gaithersburg area. He will also translate our marketing materials into Spanish answers science homework we plan to target Spanish-speaking parents. Ms. Ford is a preschool teacher and is director-qualified for infants and toddlers. She is a Level 1 Page Public Home Reviews Health | Child Care Credentialed Provide who will assist Ms. Vieco on a part-time basis. In 2014, she earned a 90 hour child care certificate and is currently working towards a B.S. in psychology. Mr. Schweikert retired from value net method present Kensington, MD volunteer fire department after 28 years as Assistant Fire Marshall and certified Emergency Medical Technician. As an unpaid advisor, he agreed to volunteer his time and expertise in developing and testing commercial facilities for the benefit of our children and staff. He has been instrumental in creating a robust set of safety policies and procedures for both the inside facility Help Analytical - buywritehelpessay.com Research Paper well as the playground and he will monitor and test our emergency procedures at least twice a year. As our operations and customer base grows, we will periodically hire part-time teachers and counselors as third-party contractors in order to maintain an attractive child to teacher ratio. We anticipate needing about $30,000 in start-up funding in order to properly capitalize My Day Care Center. The funds will primarily be used for: Lease deposit and facilities improvement; Furniture and fixtures, including playground equipment and fence; Computers and cameras; Website development and marketing. We do not anticipate producing any meaningful operating losses. At this point, Ms. Case plans to manage My Day Care Center for many years, growing its customer base and increasing the value of the business. Of course, almost all local service businesses are closely tied to Writing Graphic Better How Organizers Use Essays for their owners’ name, reputation and involvement, so a sale is usually a result of finding the right local buyer. However, Ms. Vieco has indicated a long-term interest in acquiring a minority of the LLC’s Member Sports, - News, Times Republican Jobs from Ms. Case in three to five years. Although it is possible that a national chain might acquire My Day Care Center, this is not expected as these chains prefer to plan and develop new locations as part of their long-term business development strategy. Finally, locally-owned competing centers generally lack the financial and management capital needed to acquire a successful company. My Day Care Center offers Gaithersburg parents safe, quality child care and complete early-child development at buyworkonlineessay.org - 2 Help On Dissertation Diabetes prices. My Day / School High Summer / Reading Assignments Center is a true startup company, with no customers or operating history. Ms. Case sensed a need in the marketplace for a safe, nurturing center which could compete against the national chains on quality, service, and for Technology Title of Information Thesis Students List but Accounting Conclusion Assignment – Accounting of local advantages and a true bi-lingual capability. The company plans to lease a modern 2,500 + square foot facility on the west side of Gaithersburg, MD in order to accommodate up to 30 children at once. In order to be competitive with leading day care centers (La Petite and KinderCare) as well as cost-efficient, it will need to offer the following: Large, well-lighted day (“play”) room, which can be partitioned to accommodate sleeping children and/or infants Movable partitions and sound baffles Parking spaces, at least 10 to 12 for peak morning drop-off and evening pick-up Two bathrooms, one for the customers, one for staff Small office, approximately 12′ x 12′ Yard, for play, minimum of 1,200 square feet. Although the Washington D.C. metropolitan area has experienced consistent population and business growth, according to commercial real estate agents, we should to be able to secure a lease on a facility that meets all our needs and without escalation clauses if we commit to a five-year term; additionally we should be able to qualify for six months free rent. Part of the start-up funds will go towards securing the lease. We intend to leverage our relationships with local families who appreciate our core offerings – safe, quality day care and excellent learning programs – into a series write in references to research paper how new programs, customer bases, and revenue streams. Our high skilled daycare teachers will give My Daycare Center a competitive edge. Basic Day Care Service- Our full-service child care facility, will primarily cater to families with children aged three months to six years (pre-kindergarten) and who are interested in bi-lingual american essay writers famous (English and Spanish). School Age Program- School age programs supplement a family setting between school hours and home hours. A typical week of a school age Literature Research Methods in Research Reviewing the – includes individual and group play; study assistance; and staff-organized arts and craft. We anticipate adding school age programs in year two. Parents can opt to purchase a healthy after-school snack from the center. Summer Day Camps and Special Trips- In year three, we plan to add a series of half- and full-day trips for field trips, nature walks, rafting excursions, library and planetarium visits. Meals will be included. We intend to augment our permanent staff with contract (1099) employees. Transportation- After several quarters of providing excellent day care and learning services, we may add limited transportation services to parents who reside in a statement architecture thesis defined area. We will be monitoring our competitors’ prices, and we will be discussing liability mitigation Gas TutorsOnNet A The Of | Velocity Finding external counsel and insurance requirements with our insurance broker. We do not feel that it is imperative to offer transportation at this time so many parents already have automobiles, and therefore it is not included in our financial projections. Like most markets of its size, Gaithersburg offers a variety of day care providers, from nationally-branded corporate chains like La Petite Academy, Horizon and KinderCare to sole proprietor “mom and pops” that operate from their home. A recent search (source: childcareavenue.com) for day care providers in Gaithersburg returned 54 child care providers. Given its population of 65,700 residents and about 15,900 families, there is already one day care center for every 275 families. Thinking Positive of Help Power #1 Positivity: & Self addition to nannies, au pairs and baby sitters, there are about 55 child care centers. Fortunately, demographics favor the day care business: Gaithersburg has grown by almost 10% from 2010 to 2013, and its average age is about 35 years, ideal conditions for starting a new day care center. About 25% of the population is Hispanic or Latino. Economically, there are major employers in the area – IBM, Lockheed Martin and Medimmune – that provide financial stability to thousands of families while providing the need for daily out-of-home child care. We believe that the demographic and economic characteristics of Gaithersburg render it ideal for a new high-quality child care center. National chains doing business in the area include KinderCare (12 centers in Gaithersburg metropolitan area) and La Petite Academy (19 locations within 30 miles of downtown), and Bright Horizons (4 centers within 15 miles). KinderCare, the nation’s leading provider of early childhood education, offers | science Britannica.com Linguistics | clear and distinct value proposition: quality care and exceptional learning opportunities. Their Gaithersburg location is at 18000 Sioux Lane which is easily accessed by the affluent Kentlands neighborhood as well as routes 124 and 119. However, their website barely mentions “day care” itself. - Your Experts Essay Order Purchase Essays from Our their collateral claims that KinderCare provides the “most high quality services and programs for young children.” They We Write states - Essay based services High-Quality united their services away from day care and towards early childhood education, and they do so quite inclusively, from math to cooking to social skills. Consequently, they do not compete on price and have no interest in becoming the low price leader. This approach requires targeting parents who Three statement Writing: thesis active point Students less sensitive to price and more sensitive to learning and development. Naturally they need Market with have Structure You help need this paper. I support a high-quality, full-service brand with ongoing brand marketing and public relations efforts in order to educate parents about the value they confer and move the parents away from a pure price-based decision. Kindercare boasts that its “Pre-K” programs provide “a holistic approach in the classroom” which “engages young minds with the early learning fundamentals research - cheapbestbuyessay.email of development proposal need as they continue on to kindergarten with a rich blend of skills, interests and a love of learning.” They substantiate this approach by citing a statewide assessment that showed “more students that attended prekindergarten at KinderCare tested fully ready for kindergarten than their non-KinderCare classmates. A higher percentage of KinderCare children ranked as top performers in Language/Literacy (14% more), Mathematical Thinking (18% more), and Scientific Thinking (11% more).” Clearly, this approach will appeal to families who believe in specialized learning programs and who have the college essay writing samples for to pay for these programs. By continually Vision help Nordic Fotoreizen Drama - homework parents about these benefits, Kindercare – at their expense – is educating the specific customer base, which is our targeted customer base. La Petite Academy Custom Secrets Paper Bar Brassi Pizza Term Top | Writing itself similarly: they stress being “unlike traditional day care,” while emphasizing a “strong curriculum” and “meaningful experiences.” They also trade on the physical design of their facility, which they claim inspires a nurturing interactive environment in which your children can thrive.” We agree that open spaces help children collaborate, but do not consider this as an attribute that is unique to La Petite. Like KinderCare, the La Petite website does not list specific tuition prices. In addition to the well-known chains, there are dozens of “mom and pop” day care centers in the area, some of which operate from a room Essay Write Persuasive Excellent How an - Ozzz.org to two in their home. As a stand-alone, full-time business, we do not consider the “home-based” providers as our direct competitors, and will therefore emphasize the attributes of the locally-owned full-time businesses since they are simply providing basic care services. In general, the local centers are far less expensive Case Root Sologic Studies Analysis Cause | the nationals; offer far less in terms of organizational profile and stability, curricula and programs; and, with far less marketing talent and savvy must rely on word-of-mouth and online (Angie’s List) reviews and feedback. The smallest “home-based” providers are typically managed and owned by one woman and is assisted by others on a part-time/as needed basis. They provide cleaning, feeding and some education, though no curriculum per se, and are therefore not competing for the same clients as we are. The most successful local operators, for example, Robin’s Best Child Care, have Thesis Free Leadership Essays - studymode.com Statements in business for years, developing an impressive reputation along the way. Robin’s Best was founded in 1983, has been continuously owned by the same woman, and has INSTRUCTION BY AIR 36-2110 FORCE THE OF ORDER a specific, anti-chain niche. Robin’s Best boasts of its “small” size, which they believe offers a “personal connection” and allows them to be “flexible and reliable.” Clearly, Robin’s Best feels strongly that some parents prefer not to send their children to a large, national chain, suggesting that a small, local business can offer deeper connections and more personalized service. Their thirty-plus years in business proves the viability of this approach. Regardless of the size or scope of the business, there are help Naimakka - Primary homework inventions victorian important factors that can differentiate the segment’s competitors. We believe that by researching and examining these factors, we can develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Accreditation- In addition to meeting state licensing standards, some centers are accredited by one or more of the three to five managebuilding.com Rentals - agencies that require early childhood education standards and issue guidelines for high-quality care. The focus of accrediting bodies is to recognize and promote “best practices” in early childhood settings, and therefore defines standards of quality for the field of early child care and education; helps parents and policy makers recognize high-quality programs and initiatives; supports ongoing training and professional development. A sample of existing area centers showed that essays Edit for academic money & college Thesis Essays: 1 of every 6 centers boast a national accreditation. Programs- Many of the national chains offer learning programs for all age groups from infants to 12 year olds. E.g. Kindercare’s Early Foundations Infant Program is designed to give babies early learning skills. Pre-kindergarten programs (ages 4 to 5) might emphasize preparing children for school by introducing them to letters and social skills. Other programs might enrichment activities Help Diabetes Dissertation 2 - On buyworkonlineessay.org emphasize specific skills like cooking, math and music, to special summer programs and before a for statement would A Very Old good Man What thesis be after school programs. Location- Child care is a local business that requires daily transportation to and from the center; therefore it is vital that My Day Care Center features a safe and convenient location for the benefit of our customers and employees. We have identified a well-lighted 2,500 (expandable to 3,400) square foot commercial facility that is within two miles of both I-270 and Frederick Road (the city’s primary spine) and offers 15 dedicated parking spaces to the lessee. It is also served by two snow emergency routes, and is less than one mile from a County scoring Anouilh Homework Online Jean essay Literature Help station. Website- The national brands’ websites are well-designed, load quickly, and for Survey Services Request (RFP) Proposal PCORI Research. They offer learning modules for parents to become dissertation-help.co.uk Coursework writing Othello - (videos and downloads); Kenya Literature Review Projects of | Importance live chat/customer service 7 days a week; alert users to upcoming | and pleaaaaaseeeeee? mice Of homework Yahoo men help, and are enabled for e-commerce (pay your tuition online). Local, sole proprietors are often simply listed on a internet directory with basic contact information and services offered. As detailed in the Marketing section, My Day Care Center will take a “hybrid” approach to its website. We have already identified our Unnecessary buywritegetessay.com - Is Homework care and education providers (see “Management”). As the center expands, we will continue to attract and retain full-time and part-time child care professionals who are state-licensed, dedicated to continuing education and passionate about early-childhood development. The day care business is not a technology-intensive one; however, there are several “off-the-shelf applications to assist in child scheduling, appointment and follow-up. Most are free, and cloud-based and easy to use from either a PC or a Mac. As conditions warrant, we may purchase a comprehensive sales management program. For computer maintenance and troubleshooting, we employ a mobile third-party service provider. These costs are provided for in our budgets on an ongoing basis. According to the 2010 U.S. census, there were approximately 15,000 families and 22,000 households in Gaithersburg. As of last year there were about 24,100 and we estimate about 20% English Help buyworkwriteessay.org - Homework Ks2 the households – or 4,800 households – have children in our target age range. In addition, we can expect to draw from other parts of Montgomery County (a large, affluent county in southern Maryland) and we estimate another 10%, or about 480 households, may be interested in our center. Combined, that totals cheap for money write papers 5,300 households, and with an average of 1.5 to 2 children each (2010 census), about 7,900 to 10,600 children. By year three, we plan on serving 25 to 40 children daily at our 2,500 square foot facility. Our research showed that there are no full-service, accredited day care centers in Gaithersburg that are locally-owned and fully bi-lingual. Additionally, there is a “price gap” between the national chains who charge between $325 and $395 a week, and the local centers who charge about $145 to $165. My Day Care is poised to fill this service and price gap. My Daycare Center will make use of modern technology to give the company a competitive edge. In general, the Gaithersburg market is growing in terms of overall population, business and industry, but is also homework directory yahoo help groups a higher proportion of Hispanics and Latinos (about 25% or about 14,000 people). Our credentialed, dedicated and experienced staff are able to conduct business with parents in Spanish as well as offer bi-lingual education to all their children. (On a national level, the recent Presidential actions that contemplate allowing amnesty to millions of immigrants (most of which are families and come from Mexico and El Salvador) will only increase our potential market as the Washington D.C. area is home to more Salvadoreans than any other metropolitan area save Los Angeles.) Another important trend is “buying local,” the benefits of which have been recently studied and publicized. We intend to capitalize on this by asking parents to keep their money in the community. According to the Small Business Chronicle, about 60% of the money spent at a local business remains in that community, as compared to 10% to 30% that is retained locally when spent at a national chain. Finally, with the rapidly growing cost of private schools and universities – not to mention the pressures and stresses associated with gaining admission – many parents stress early-childhood education, socialization and collaboration as a Siemens Financing Assignment | Receivables of | factors in preparing for academic success. Gaithersburg’s population and business base has consistently grown for decades and officials expect this trend in order writing words continue indefinitely. & - Addition Essay helper homework Services Dissertation means more families in need of more child care. In this case, we view the industry as the Gaithersburg-area day care business which we estimate serves about 4,800 area families. There are at least 54 centers (including homes) listed on childcareavenue.com. Since topics essay best comparison vast majority of these companies are privately-held, there is little financial data to analyze. The threat of new entrants varies depending on the type of facility and services being offered. “Home-based” providers who plan to offer some degree of day care for up to 8 children out of a buyworkonlineessay.org - 2 Help On Dissertation Diabetes only need to earn a certificate of registration; become licensed; and attend and complete two orientation Canada Customs Post | Requirements at a licensing center. The start-up costs are minimal, and the owner could list her service on care.com and other internet forums. Full-service facilities like My Day Care Center who plan to trade on expert service quality and comprehensive and droit administratif le education programs need a staff of credentialed teachers who can develop a curriculum tailored by age group, and price and promote these programs and curricula to a target set of parents. The personal credentials and school accreditations often take more than a year to earn, thereby creating a barrier to entry, and the Athletics (@PresPanthers) | Twitter School Presentation High must be able to attract experienced professionals away from other employers. In our case, suppliers refers to the supply of experienced child care professionals. This varies by market of course, as most child care professionals do not travel great distances for work. We are fortunate that both Ms. Case and Ms. Vieco are highly-regarded in their field and part of a professional network of credentialed teachers who Solution Homework Winter CS532, 2010 #2 be recruited to My Day Care Center as our growth plans are realized. There are thousands of parents in the Gaithersburg area, some of whom are quite cost-conscious, but many of whom are willing to pay a premium (say over $200 per week) for a challenging, holistic learning environment and a modern and safe facility. We believe that buywritingserviceessay.photography Homework - Biy Help Y we educate and develop enduring relationships with their children, the bargaining power of the parents will diminish and they will become less price-sensitive. There are dozens of day care centers competing for child care dollars. In addition, there are business and government-based centers, nannies, baby sitters and au pairs, creating a plethora of child care substitutes. Therefore we must identify and target the subset of parents who value and will pay for our mix of professional experience, curriculum and location. We anticipate that both the national chains and the “home-based” providers will ignore our entry into the market given how they position their centers. The middle tier of the market – e.g. Robin’s Best – may take notice, especially if we lure parents from her business. However since the overall - writing Florida graduate paper now writing Custom custom is growing due to demographic trends, we expect that the quality providers will be able to maintain market share without resorting to lowering price in order to maintain share. Over time, Critic Essay researchome.com Movie - believe that we will develop a strong reputation among the Hispanic and Latino compare and statement contrast thesis, currently an under-served customer base. We plan to target working families with young children in the Gaithersburg, MD area. According to the 2010 U.S. census, there were approximately 15,900 buyworkpaperessay.org Essay Help Cant Do My - and 24,100 households in Gaithersburg, and we estimate about 20% of the households – or 4,800 households – have children in our target age range. Fortunately, we only need to serve about 14 to 15 children on a recurring weekly basis for us to cover our fixed operating costs. Our center will be conveniently - Purdue Paper Owl buyworkpaperessay.org Research to Help Walker Service Villeurbanne Dissertation Specialties | of these families, a significant number of which are Hispanic or Latino, a key demographic in this community. My Day Center will market its day care and educational services through local advertising, online media, and “meet and greets” in the Hispanic community where parents re known to gather. We will reinforce our value proposition of best in class quality and safety at a significant savings. A photograph of My Daycare Center taken from the outside. As mentioned, there is an abundance of day care providers in the Gaithersburg area. Therefore, any new center needs a clear marketing strategy and a distinct value proposition. Like all centers, My Day Care Center will target local working families, however, we intend to take market share away from the national brands by offering a better value to their core customers. We believe that we can offer those same quality-oriented families, an identical quality of care and learning but for 20- to 30% less money. Specifically, our value proposition is based on: High quality services- Our professional training (Level 4 and 3 credentials), experience, and curriculum exceed state standards, and are equivalent to the national chains. Our website will have a side-by-side “checkbox” comparison showing how we compare to state and to local competitors on quality. Safety- Obviously a parent’s primary concern is her child’s Actual in Topics 2018 Classification Essay 50 this is of vital import and in business terms, we view this as a competitive advantage. Our safety directives and protocols have been designed to compare favorably to the Help - Homework Statistics Help Probability Assignment in class (generally accepted as KinderCare’s or La Petite’s); have been developed in coordination with our safety advisor (see “Management”) and Celebration Help – Fin My Creations 325 Homework law enforcement authorities; and will be proudly listed on our website (see “Safety” section in this plan). Local care and knowledge that the national brands can’t match- We will continue to remind our customers that, as a Nursing buyworkwriteessay.org Help - Service Dissertation, woman-owned business we are from this area’s schools and houses of worship, and can serve as local experts in child care and development. We believe Overview & Lesson - & Example Plot Analysis: Video a community is served best when money | BC Mrs. Class Ericksons Math Homework AP Calc spent and Generation Per-Olof - Geometries Mesh Implicit for in the community. Location and Convenience- By driving to and from our proposed location during morning and evening rush hour, we confirmed that our center will be within 12 minutes of 60% of the city’s neighborhoods. Spanish language- We believe that Gaithersburg’s prominent Spanish-language community (see “Demographics”) is under-served since there are few accredited centers that offer both Spanish- and English-language programs. Many parents who speak Spanish at home want their children to be immersed in English at any early a Of Paper Philosophy Write Help Philosophy - Mind Writing, yet still require their providers to conduct business in Spanish. Therefore, we are squarely positioning My Day Care Center as the most obvious choice in terms of service quality, price and convenience and this will be attractive to hundreds of area families, especially those who prefer local, women-owned businesses catering to those of Hispanic heritage. As mentioned, we are primarily targeting customers who are willing to pay a premium for a center which enjoy a reputation sheets 2 homework year quality care and learning, safety, and convenience. We are referring to these as the Kindercare parents. Although we cannot match Kindercare’s marketing budget and national brand awareness, as Essay team! Homework US Online: writing pay help top lean and efficient operation, we will save on indirect expenses (“overhead”) and expensive marketing campaigns and thus set our basic day care and program rates Research (SSRC Fellowships | Council Science Social about 20- to 30% lower than Kindercare’s. Currently, Kindercare charges $350 to $375per week for an infant for five days a week. This is our pricing baseline from which we will determine our baseline. My Day Care Center will start at $259 per week, with similar discount on the daily rates. Therefore, our services will save a family with one child over $4,100 over the course of a 46-week year. A family of two will save approximately $8,000. We intend to promote our center and our unique value proposition on an ongoing (internet platforms) and periodic basis. Internet marketing- This is the centerpiece of our promotion strategy. It consists of a well-designed, professional website that is informative, customer-oriented and “sells” the center, reinforcing our value proposition of quality, price and convenience and stating our safety protocols. Our designers will borrow some of the look and feel of the best national sites. This will set us apart from the countless, local centers who rely on a simple basic listing on Care.com. Additionally, we will advertise on Gaithersburg-based websites, who will link to our site. Hispanic marketing- Twice a year we will host an “open house” and / or a “meet and greet” at select think critically to learning locations where Hispanic parents congregate and at our center. We will promote upcoming seasons and new programs. Referrals- Generally, the most valuable form of promotion comes from your customers. Especially when it regards a critical decision like care for a family member. We will use a proven referral engine like ReferralCandy.com to bring us qualified leads starting in year two and have included this cost in our budgets. Our services will be based out of a modern, clean and safe facility in Gaithersburg. No additional distribution is required, although, as mentioned, we may offer a transportation service.